Canal No. 1 and Canal No. 2/3 Improvement Information

In October of 1989, the United States Department of Agriculture finalized the Long Beach Watershed Plan and Environmental Impact Statement in order to reduce flooding in the Long Beach Water shed. The 1989 Plan addressed the technical requirements for 8.3 miles of channel modifications to two (2) drainage canals (Canal No. 1 and Canal No. 2/3), which included 6.7 miles of channel enlargement and 1.6 miles of selective snagging. As a result of funding issues, the channel modifications were to be performed in phases with the modification to Canal No. 2/3 being first. This work was completed in 2014.

As a result of the delay in completing the channel modification work for Canal No. 2/3, the 1989 Long Beach Watershed Plan and Environmental Impact Statement had become outdated and had to be supplemented (updated) before construction could begin on the improvements to Canal No. 1.  In September of 2015, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, under the direction of the State Conservationist of the State of Mississippi, completed and finalized the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Long Beach Watershed. According to this updated plan, the proposed improvements to Canal No. 1 would take place between the Naval Construction Battalion Center and Espy Avenue and would include 3.8 miles of widening, side-sloping and grading of the earth-lined channel.  In addition, there would also be about two-tenths of one mile of rock riprap lined channel and seven-tenths of one mile of selective snagging. The earth-lined channel section will be constructed with 3:1 side slopes and a bottom width of 30-40 feet. These improvements will significantly enhance the capacity of Canal No. 1 and reduce damages associated with flooding in the Canal No. 1 flood plain.

Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

1989 Long Beach Watershed Plan