Canal No. 1 Improvement Project

The Long Beach Water Management District has obtained 100% of the necessary Permanent Drainage Easements along Canal No. 1 and is now in a position to begin the improvement project. The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) has offered a Notice of Grant and Agreement for the funding to make the improvements.

The Land Rights Map for Canal No. 1 has been completed and approved by the NRCS and the Contract Documents along with Plans and Specifications for the project have been drafted and submitted to the NRCS for approval.

Once all documents have been approved by the NRCS, the LBWMD will be advertising a Notice for Bids to perform the work for the improvement project.

After the bidding process and a contractor has been awarded the bid for the project, a Notice to Proceed will be posted by the LBWMD notifying the residents of the commencement of the improvement project.

Please check back with the website for updates on this project.